Thank you, James Blodgett,

for your interesting comment about the potential dangers from artifical black holes. The story, if true, reminds me of the earlier decision to launch the Galileo probe with enough plutonium onboard to kill everyone on the whole planet many times over in case of a botched flyby that could have burned up the probe and its fuel. I also recall having read that the designers of the atom bomb had initially some serious questions as to whether the chain reaction would stop with the bomb material or continue into the surrounding matter to engulf us all, but they went ahead anyway.

We have not advanced much beyond the ancient Egyptian magicians who casually threatened the gods with the total destruction of heaven and earth if they did not grant the conjurer's wish.

You ask for help with this, presumably because you have no desire to be obliterated into some lab toy black hole. But what can anyone do against such hybris and folly?

May black holes remain as rare in our neighborhood as tree climbing fish are in the Sahara!

Best wishes for our common survival,