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Large Hadron Collider Tested
The LHC was tested with a single beam on September 10, 2008. Before collision experiments could begin, the experiments that might prove dangerous, a magnet coolant failure occured. Repairs will delay collision experiments until 2009.

New CERN Safety Study
The New CERN safety study, and associated documents, are now available:

The safety study is available here.

An important paper on black holes cited by the safety study is available here.

The conclusion of a CERN committee that reviewed the report is available here

Lawsuits Filed
Walter Wagner and Louis Sancho filed a lawsuit against CERN and its US partners in US Court in Hawaii on 3/21/08.
A copy of the complaint and many of the accompanying affidavits are posted here.

Markus Goritschnig and others have filed a lawsuit against CERN in the European Court of Human Rights.

Lawsuit makes front page of the New York Times (lower left corner)
Text of the NY Times article is available here

We have a song!
Ebenonce has a new song, "Atom Shasher," that evokes the risk of colliders. Listen here. (You will need mp3 software. Most computers have this.)

Professor speaks on collider risk
Prof. Dr. Otto E. Rössler (check him out on Wikipedia) gave a keynote speech for the German Transmediale event, and was interviewed in the German publication Golem. He says much of what we say here. He says that, if a black hole is created at CERN and does not evaporate, it could shrink the earth to a centimeter in 50 months. The Golem interview (in German) is available here. You can translate this with Google translation tools. We have asked (but have not yet received) permission to post an English translation.

New websites created
Several new websites that address the collider issue have been created recently:
The following is less recent: